Alzheimer's Disease: Modelization, Biomarkers, Preclinical Imaging, Therapeutic Evaluations
UMR CEA CNRS 9199, MIRCen, 18 Route du Panorama, 92265 Fontenay aux Roses, France
Resp. Marc Dhenain

Cerebral aging is a more and more critical issue in our societies. Our group's research is focused on three topics that are central to the understanding and development of therapies against age-associated cognitive alterations including Alzheimer's disease.

1) The characterization of animal models that can then be used to explore physiopathological aspects of cerebral disease and their therapies. We focus in particular on transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and on the mouse lemur primate.

2) The evaluation of new markers of pathological cerebral aging. We focus in particular on in-vivo markers of amyloid plaques by Magnetic resonance microscopy. We also evaluate markers of cerebral metabolism or neuronal health.

3) The animal models and innovative biomarkers that we develop are used to evaluate new therapies against cerebral aging and Alzheimer's disease.